A Huge Welcome!

Hello! Thanks so much for popping by and helping me celebrate the launch of my blog. I’m excited to embark on this new adventure and plan on sharing loads of interesting reading and writing news, which I hope will be both entertaining and helpful.

Mid month, I’ll post about what is rocking my writing world … sharing courses I’ve discovered, favourite podcasts, author events on Facebook live, Twitter comps, my writing successes but also opening up about the frustrations of writing and living a creative life too.

As I’m passionate about supporting other authors, at the end of each month I’ll share a round up of my latest favourite reads, on Kindle, in paperback, in audio, all in bite-size reviews, easy to gulp down with your beverage of choice.

Currently reading…

But most of all I’d love to hear from you… What you love to read… Where you are in your writing journey… What inspires you creatively?  

As a little thank you for checking out my first post, I’ve shared one of my poems inspired by artist Frances Walker’s work entitled Raised Beach, Tiree. Check out her art work here. When considering the piece I realised that even though the raised beach wasn’t where I expected, it still offered shelter and was teaming with life… thoughts I hope offer comfort during these unsettling times.

Stay safe until next time …


Once washed by the ocean,

now stranded on land –

a rumble of boulders,

that chink underfoot.

Marram grass sprouts

where kelp once drifted–

a shelter for spiders

where fish used to sleep.

Pale sands are dotted

with gannets and trilling lapwings;

fat bumblebees rest

as an oystercatcher cries.

In the distance, the machair

where dragonflies quiver –

a meadow that saves stones

from waves lashing ashore.

Cool cups of sunshine

bathe the clatter of skimmers.

Though the sea has retreated

its sound still remains.

Published by Rae Cowie

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20 thoughts on “A Huge Welcome!

  1. Love this, Rae. ‘Cool cups of summer- so evocative. Missing the sound of the sea but as your poem say, its sound remains – always.

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  2. I also write poems.i published a small book some time ago all about Cullen.It is based in the sixties when a crowd came up to Cullen at the Glasgow fair.We came under the auspices of the “Christian Endevour”.We loved it immensely but dont think it was all stuffy a nd being told what to do,far from it.Anyway much success with your blog ,I too have a blog with wordpress.

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