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Hello Reading Friends!

It’s that time where we enjoy an author Heart-to-Heart💗, and today I have the pleasure of introducing Leah Mercer. Leah’s novels have twice been shortlisted for the Romantic Novel Of The Year Award, with her latest, SAFE FROM HARM due to be published, here in the UK, on the 24th June, 2021. I was thrilled to be gifted an early copy and assure readers they are in for a treat. So, let’s get started…

Welcome to an author heart-to-heart💗, Leah and it’s traditional to start by sharing a little about yourself?

Thank you for having me! I’m a Canadian who has been in the UK for 17 years now – hard to believe it’s been that long. I came here originally to teach, but I was lucky enough to get published and make writing my day job. I live in Central London with my husband and my eight-year-old son, smack dab between two beautiful parks which I run through every day. I ran competitively for years, and even though I’m nowhere close to achieving the speeds I used to, I still really enjoy it and find it a great way to clear my head of pesky plot-lines. 

Kensington Gardens in the sunshine…
Parks and open spaces have been a lifeline for many. How fantastic to live so near! But back to your books and writing… we would love to hear more…

I write emotion fiction with an element of suspense. I suppose the industry would call it ‘women’s fiction’ or ‘domestic drama’, but I absolutely hate those terms. It belittles the work to me, as if it could only appeal to a certain demographic. I started writing romantic comedies under the name Talli Roland, which I really enjoyed, but I wanted to try something different. WHO WE WERE BEFORE was my first novel as Leah Mercer, which examined how losing a child can affect a marriage. Most of my novels explore relationships, whether husband and wife or mother and daughter, and how the past plays into them. I love delving into characters’ emotional lives. 

Loads from Leah Mercer to enjoy…
I agree. It’s hard to define the gripping, emotion-led fiction that Heart-to-Heart💗 readers love. But Safe From Harm falls firmly in that genre (whatever term we use!) What inspired you to write ….? And what do readers love about your story? 

I first got the inkling of idea for SAFE FROM HARM when I was at a cottage on the ocean in Nova Scotia, where I grew up. I’d just heard about a group of people who’d got caught in a riptide, and how the people who’d come to assist were almost drowned by those they were trying to rescue. I was fascinated by the thought of how, in that situation, everyone could be pulled under. It became a sort of metaphor for the book, where you can never truly be certain which character really needs help and which doesn’t – and where they might all be pulled under. 

I’ve always been fascinated by other people: their stories, their inner worlds, and what they carry with them. The ability to get inside people’s heads is what inspires me to write! I also love visiting different worlds. Once I sit down at my desk, I’m transported to another time and place – a handy ability during lockdown! I think readers appreciate that, too. My characters always grow and change throughout the course of a book, and I think that gives us hope. 

Safe from Harm – page-turning fiction…
Definitely! Travelling vicariously via books has been a blessing over the past year. So, which authors do you enjoy?

I love to read authors like Lisa Jewell, Adele Parks and Louise Candlish. I also enjoy a good thriller or two! Mel Sherratt’s new book, INVISIBLE VICTIM, kept me up at night. 

Some of Leah’s favourite reads…
A fantastic selection, Leah. Your love of page-turning reads comes through in your fiction too. Can you tell us a little about what’s next?

I’ve just sent my editor a draft of my novel due to come out in December, and I’m nervously awaiting her feedback. I’m also starting to sketch out ideas for another novel – I love this stage!

That’s brilliant news, Leah. Lots for Heart-to-Heart💗 readers to look forward too. Wishing Safe From Harm every success on the 24th June, and thanks so much for joining us.

To discover more about Leah and her writing, follow the links below, but in the meantime, stay safe and happy reading!

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  1. Hi Rae and Talli … it’s great to read this and to learn a little more about Talli – this life, her life, etc!! Congratulations Talli and all the very best for this and the rest of your publications – cheers Hilary

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