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Hello Reading Friends!

As regular readers know, I love to champion women writers, and particularly authors who focus on female relationships within a family. One such author whose books I have enjoyed for a number of years is Kate Hewitt. So, it’s an absolute pleasure to welcome her to the blog today.

Kate’s latest release, My Daughter’s Mistake, sits firmly within my top reads of the year, and if you have just come across it then perhaps this chat, as well as my 5-star recommendation, will encourage you to give it a try… (Read my glowing book review here)

But that’s plenty from me, let’s get started…

Welcome to an author heart-to-heart💗, Kate and as we get comfortable can you tell us a little about yourself?

I’m an American ex-pat living in the UK with my husband and five children, aged 8, 13, 17, 20, and 23. We have two Golden Retrievers and have been in the UK for ten years.

A selection of Kate’s compelling, emotional fiction to enjoy…
Gosh! I am in awe of your organisational skills, to write so many best-selling books and be mum to five children too! We would love to hear more about your books and writing…

I love writing stories that tackle difficult issues with compassion and empathy. There are no easy answers or quick judgments, just realistic (I hope!) portrayals of difficult situations, and a way for characters to find hope in the midst of challenges or tragedy.

And Kate writes historical fiction too! Here are just some to curl up with…
Your writing is SO realistic that your characters leap from the page! Let’s focus on your latest release. What inspired you to write My Daughter’s Mistake?

I was inspired in part by the town where I went to college in Vermont—it had a town and gown divide that I wanted to explore. I also wanted to look at two different angles of a very difficult situation, and see how the reader could have empathy for both sides.

Kate’s latest release…
You’ve achieved that beautifully, making it easy for the reader to feel for both Ellen and Jenna, rooting for them both as they face such difficult challenges. But when you find time to relax, which authors do you enjoy?

I love lots of different authors—some of my favorites are Liane Moriarty, Kristin Hannah, Emma Robinson and Gillian Bradshaw. I love sweeping historicals, edgy thrillers, and emotional dramas.

Some of Kate’s favourite authors…
The latest from Liane Moriarty and Kristin Hannah are always a treat, and Emma Robinson is a favourite of Author Heart-to-Heart💗 readers too! It’s fantastic to discover new authors and I’m off to add Gillian Bradshaw to my reading pile… But, can you tell us a little about what’s next?

Next I’ll be working on a WW2 historical that is based around the terrible euthanasia program, T4, that the Nazis implemented in 1940—to kill disabled adults and children they viewed as ‘useless feeders’. The main character is a nurse who finds herself caught up in a situation out of her control and she must decide what she will do.

We wish you well with that project, which sounds an exceptionally moving read.Thanks so much again for sharing with us today.

To discover more about Kate and her writing, follow the links below, but in the meantime, stay safe and happy reading!

Kate loves to connect with readers…

To connect with Kate and keep up-to-date with her latest releases, just follow her social media links…





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